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Beautiful Thailand...
Punto Thai MassageThailand has long been renowned throughout the world for advances made in the fields of massage, acupuncture and of the meditative arts - not to mention enjoying a reputation as a happy, chilled out nation of relaxed individuals!
Relax in Rome...
Punto Thai MassageModern life is both complex and chaotic and nowhere less so than in the eternal city of Rome, so whether you’re a resident of this vibrant yet busy place or just passing through, take a break from your passions and obligations and visit Punto Thai Masseurs at Ponte Lungo on Rome’s red Metro line.
WELCOME to the Punto Thai!
 Well-Being and Thai Massage Centre on Rome’s Via Appia Nuova

Punto Thai MassageAs the challenges of modern life become ever more time consuming and our ability to juggle our many responsibilities tells increasingly on our state of body and mind, it’s no surprise that in this day and age, our bodies are increasingly neglected.

Yet for the same reasons, we need our bodies in tip-top condition more than ever before.


Punto Thai MassageOne simple way to begin is to devote just a few hours a month to a complete well-being treatment in the expert hands of professional Thai masseurs here at Punto Thai Massage Parlour near Ponte Lungo in Rome.

Pamper yourself in the well-trained and qualified hands of those for whom the art of massage, of health and well-being treatments and of the elevation of mind and body is an inherent cultural normality.

We can help you unwind with full body treatments specially designed for both men and women that will leave you feeling happier, healthier and more energetic.


Punto Thai Massage Rome

Punto Thai Massage, Via Acqui 21, 00183 Roma | Call: +39 06 7061 4249 or Cell: +39 392 981 7577

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