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Punto Thai MassageAromatic Chromium Treatment: Restore the balance of sugars in your body with this specialist treatment, now also used to help alleviate depression.

Punto Thai MassageFull Relaxation Treatment: Our own personal well-being and massage treatment to pamper our guests and leave you feeling refreshed.

Punto Thai MassageWater Treatment: The natural healing properties of mineral-rich water from volcanic sources here in Italy complement the cardio-vascular exercises in our program.

Punto Thai MassageBeauty Treatment: A full line of beauty treatments are also available to complement those for the internal - this is Italy after all!

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Here at Punto Thai Massage and Well-Being Centre at Ponte Longo in Rome we offer an extensive list of health and beauty treatments, including but not limited to the list below. Remember, we’re open till 10pm and are easy to reach - check our location page for clear directions.

Punto Thai MassageThai Massage: The ancient art of Thai massage practised by Buddhist monks in Thailand for over 2,500 years, for overall invigoration of body and mind!

Punto Thai MassageThai Mud Bath: Rejuvenate the senses beginning with a great skin treatment that utilises different types of rich, nutrient earth.

Punto Thai MassageHerbal Steam Treatment: Take in the aromas proven over millennia to clear the mind and senses, ideal for those suffering in Rome’s humid and pollinical atmosphere.

Punto Thai MassageSport Massage: Ideal for those with a more physically active lifestyle, this more rigourous massage technique helps to cure those self inflicted aches and pains!

Punto Thai MassageTurkish Bath: One of the best known and best loved treatments the world over, an ideal choice after a gruelling few days.


Punto Thai Massage Rome

Punto Thai Massage, Via Acqui 21, 00183 Roma | Call: +39 06 7061 4249 or Cell: +39 392 981 7577

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