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Punto Thai MassageLike other forms of massage, the Thai massage also has the effect of energising the cardio-vascular system, producing an all round harmony in your breathing, heartbeat and in the expulsion of toxins from the cells. However, this ancient and altogether more spiritual form of rejuvenation helps you to absorb and release energy in a far more comprehensive way.
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Punto Thai MassageCall us to learn more and to make an appointment during your trip to Rome or whenever your busy schedule here in the eternal city permits it. We’re open till 10pm and located very conveniently for public transport or those travelling by car.
The ancient art of Thai Massage
...practised at Punto Thai

Punto Thai MassageMuch like Roman history, is shrouded in mystery and mythology. Handed down from teacher to student, from generation to generation, for over 2,500 years, this ancient meditative art is entwined with religion, with spirituality and with the entire culture of the Thai people.

Practised principally by Buddhist monks in Thailand, the Thai Massage combines the influences of other ancient traditions in the region - the stretching and energy-releasing elements of Yoga, developed and refined on the plains of India over millennia; the mysterious art of acupuncture honed in China since time immemorial.  

Punto Thai MassageIndeed, the muscle stretching techniques employed here at Punto Thai Massage open up your body both physically and metaphysically, allowing you to absorb energy and release it in an invigorating way that leaves you feeling lighter, brighter and ready for anything.

Rather than the relaxation expected from massage, the your body will be awakened by the effects, producing a euphoric and altogether more invigorating result.

Punto Thai MassageThe ultimate effect of the Thai Massage should leave not just the patient but also the Masseur in a state of heightened energy, awareness and synergy with the universe - the energy absorption taking place being one of a more ethereal nature.


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